Sunday 31 January 2016

Affordable Foundations & Reviews!

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts about some foundations, BB and CC creams that are inexpensive and you'll find in Boots and Superdrug!

L'oreal True Match 
This is a foundation you've probably heard about and seen as a staple in lots of peoples makeup bags, with good reason! For those of you who are after a foundation with slightly more coverage this is a good one to try! It's about a medium coverage but you can build it up for slightly more coverage or sheer it out with a damp beauty blender type sponge!
It costs £9.99, and they currently have 23 different shades. What I like is they have warm toned, neutral and cool toned versions of each shade, making it easier to get a foundation that is more of a true match for you.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
This is another foundation that you probably have heard a lot about! The serum version is a lighter coverage than the healthy mix foundation (which I am yet to try) and is perfect for when you don't need too much coverage but a tinted moisturiser or BB cream just isn't enough! It's light, gel texture and radiant finish makes it ideal for the warmer months. 
This costs £10.99 and there are no where near as many shades to choose from as True Match, as well as nearly all the shades having a warm undertone, so it's not for everyone, but I hope they do expand their shade range so that more people can use this as it really is a wonderful foundation!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
I bought this foundation in the lightest shade I could find, and for some reason it is quite dark, however I'm sure I probably just picked up a bottle from a bad batch! However, this makes it perfect for after I've been on holiday and may need another shade! It also has a similar texture to the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum, It's light and not too much coverage, so you keep your healthy glow!
It costs only £7.99 and there are more shades than Healthy Mix offers, I don't think you can really go wrong with this!

 Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream
An oil free, light coverage and fresh looking BB cream with salicylic acid in (commonly found in skincare products) and also SPF 15. There are a lot of benefits to this and it is nice, especially if you've never tried out any  other BB creams. There's also another version that I haven't tried yet, Dream Fresh BB cream.
It costs £6.99 so is very affordable although it only comes in two shades.

Garnier Oil Free BB Cream
These were the first BB creams I tried out, I find they have a very light texture like most BB creams and are less of a cream and more liquid! I have found that they can oxidise and go quite dark sometimes which isn't too great, but like the Fit Me foundation, I like them for when I have a tan from a holiday! They also have SPF 20.
They cost £9.99 each and unfortunately the only shades are light and medium.

L'oreal Nude Magique CC Cream (anti-redness)
When you put this on, it starts off green to counteract the redness in your skin and then it adapts to your skin, I was excited to try this for the first time to see if it would work well! It evens out your skin tone very nicely and has had many good reviews, however I think its possibly not the best for very pale skin.
It costs £9.99 and again, is great for holidays so you don't need to take numerous shades of foundation/bb/cc cream with you!

I hope this post helped with deciding on new base products to try!

Emma xxx

Saturday 16 January 2016

Barry M Collection

As you've probably noticed, I'm a big fan of Barry M nail paints, and my collection keeps growing! I wanted to do a collection because I get asked which are my favourite of their lines!

Speedy Quick Dry

As the name suggests, this collection dries very fast and comes in really cute colours (as you can see, I'm particularly fond of the pastels!) I don't find them to last that long on my nails, but no nail polishes really do last long for me!

Gelly Hi-shine 

The Gelly collection has a wide variety of different shades, which they continue to expand! At first people did expect them to last long like gel nails, but they don't, they dry to a very high shine, glossy finish like gel nails! My favourite is lychee - I'm on my second bottle of it!

Sunset Nail Paints

I absolutely love the names for these (especially Peach for the stars haha!) and they do last longer than normal nail polish, they last about a week on my (depending on what I do) so not as long as gel nails (when I had gels, they lasted for about a month) but still an improvement!

Limited Edition

Unfortunately you can't get your hands on these any more! Barry M release a lot of limited edition nail paints for boots and super drug, and my favourites are definitely the Christmas ones, who can resist all the glitter?!

Original Nail Paint 

The polishes with the black lids are part of their original line of polishes ( I think they still add colours, although I'm not too sure!) The original line is £1 cheaper than the other lines they have, but that £1 difference is the difference between getting a smooth, opaque polish and getting a polish you need 4 layers to get a solid colour of!

Textured and Aquarium Nail Paints

I don't like the textured nail polishes, it's just the texture of it that's not for me and that's the whole point of the nail polish!
The aquarium collection has beautiful glitters along with nail paints that look different colours in different lights and I reach for the two I have quite often!


As you can guess, the matte topcoat makes your nails matte as it drys, which is great for people who want to try out matte nails but don't want to buy specific matte nail colours. The Gelly topcoat isn't the greatest topcoat available but it leaves you with lovely shiny nails!

I hope you enjoyed this! What is your favourite collection from Barry M, or your favourite brand to buy nail polish from?

Emma xxx

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Ten Things to do in 2016

  1. Laugh at yourself instead of criticising every little mistake (such as tripping over the cord of the hoover at work..) 
  2. Send random messages to friends letting them know you appreciate them:)
  3. Find a random playlist on Spotify and listen to it, you might find your new favourite song!
  4. Buy yourself a present every so often, appreciate you!
  5. Try a new type of tea (even if it turns out the smell is so strong it gives you a headache but then the tea itself tastes of weird water)
  6. Have a camera at hand all times, you never know what the day holds!
  7. cuddle your cat/dog/*insert other pets here*
  8. Wrap yourself in blankets and cover every inch of your room in fairy lights;)
  9. Go out the house, get off your phone and enjoy the fresh air! 
  10. Love who you are and don’t try and change yourself for anyone but you!

Hope you liked this little post,
Emma xxx

Thursday 31 December 2015

Our 2015

What a year 2015 has been! So much has happened and I really wanted to do a post to give an overview of the year, but this blog would be nothing without my fabulous guests (and also Lauren. D who you can find here and here) so I've invited them along to join in our little celebration of 2015!

New things we've experienced in the past 12 months:

'Driving' - Ella 

'I have experienced a few new things in 2015, some sad and some happy. A new experience for me that was sad was loosing someone who meant the absolute world to me and learning to live everyday knowing she's not there for me anymore, to go alongside this I've had to learn how to deal with special holidays such as Christmas and my Birthday for the first time without her there. 
A happier new experience was kind of finding who I am and morals I now hold and strongly believe in, I've experienced a feeling of not being afraid to fully be myself because the people who truly love me will stick by me no matter what.' - Emma. W

'Something new I've experienced in 2015 is taking my gcse exams and collecting my results. It was such a nerve wracking experience but I definitely think it has helped me get over my fear of going into the exam hall and given me the confidence that if I set my mind to something and work hard, I can do well.' - Lauren. D

'Taking my GCSEs and starting A-levels. It was very scary taking my exams but I'm so happy with the results I got. Going into Year 12, I was excited but also apprehensive, it was a big change but I was ready for one. I've made new friends, and started to pursue subjects that I really enjoy.' - Kate 

'A new experience for me was starting my job back at the beginning of March, it's allowed me to earn money and be able to treat my family and friends to Christmas presents I feel they deserved and I  probably wouldn't have been able to buy before I got my job, and I've also bought myself quite a few things too...;) I've made new friends and talked to so many people I would never get the opportunity to talk to if it wasn't for my job!' - Emma. C

'Concerts. I've been to 8 this year and I don't think I'll ever get over the noise of an audience screaming back the lyrics to a song you've listened to on repeat for almost 4 years.' - Lauren. M

Things from 2015 that will always make us smile:

'Being prom queen' - Ella 

'Prom!' - Emma 

'Prom, even though I was scared and spent a couple of months saying that I wasn't going to go, I'm really glad I did in the end!' - Lauren. D

'My holiday in East Sussex this summer. Despite it being far from our planned holiday in Mexico, this week exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed myself! I got to spend a week in the sun, with my cousins, and we had a fabulous time. :)' - Kate 

'All the times I've spent with my friends on birthdays and just days together! I say this a lot but I really have incredible friends and any time I spend with them is time I know I will look back and smile about! Like some of the other girls, prom will make me smile, despite the food not being too great, it was a lovely night that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did!' - Emma. C

'I became friends with an old friend again. I forgave her for the things she did that caused our friendship to break. The night we spoke about it we both cried of happiness to each other on FaceTime; I guess that will make me smile!' Lauren. M

Things we've learnt this year that we will use to enrich our 2016:

'That if I push myself I can do things, even if I struggle at the time I feel better afterwards, and it will help me because I know I can do things now that I wouldn't have dreamt of before or wouldn't have felt able to do.' - Ella

'That life is very fragile and one person who is there one day may not be there the next so you must cherish every moment you have with people, whether it's someone you've known years or someone you've just met.' - Emma. W

'That if I work hard and have confidence, I can accomplish anything.' - Lauren. D

'To keep going and don't give up, even if you're finding things difficult, things will always work out in the end!' - Kate 

'I've learnt or been reminded of a few things this year. Keep making sure that you find the positives in negative situations. Always take time to put yourself first, if you're ill, take the time you need off. As many teachers rightly pointed out to me, you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, but you won't have that time without letting yourself get back to health. Health is so important to everything in your life, don't ever let it slip to the bottom of your priorities. And finally, life is unpredictable and you never truly know what's around the river-bend! Take every opportunity that comes to you in order to enrich your life, but don't be afraid to face changes and challenges that lie ahead of you. Go through life with courage, determination and you'll be able to get through any tough times you face on the Rollercoaster that is life.' - Emma. C

'I've learnt to accept my state of mind and that I will feel down, but there will always be someone or something to bring me back up.' - Lauren. M

One thing from 2015 we'd travel back in time to do again:

'I would travel back in time to do prom because it was an amazing night, to my GCSEs to try better or to the summer and tell myself that I should enjoy the experiences I had more than I did' - Ella 

'Summer, it was so long and great and I had so many memories with so many different people, who I now no longer speak to as much or have drifted away from. I miss then! It was so simple and there was nothing to worry about (especially all of these A Levels that have now my full attention).
 I'd also make myself make even more memories than I did and take up more opportunities that came my way.' - Emma. W

'The long summer holiday, it was amazing to spend some time to switch off and relax after doing my GCSEs, it allowed me to spend some time on my blog and start a YouTube channel. I also spent some time working and had fun with my friends, it is definitely a time I would love to re-live again.' - Lauren. D

'I'd travel back to repeat the summer again. We were off for such a long time, without the worries of any exams or school work. It was a nice break before the pressure of A-levels.' - Kate 

'As with everyone else, I'd also go back to the long summer holiday. I think we ended up losing track of how long it had been since we'd actually learnt anything and everyone was so relaxed and happy! I'd also quite like to travel back to when I went to see S Club 7 in May with my friends. It was such a fun night, I felt so nostalgic and it was such an amazing evening! I'd also want to travel back to seeing The 1975 again. It was incredible but I'd definitely rethink footwear and try to push to somewhere that I could see more than just the backs of the people in front of us! I know it isn't one but I'd travel to one of the three haha!' - Emma. C

'The 1975 Concert on the 24th November. Never have I felt more alive.' - Lauren. M

A summary of the year in three words:

'Fun, difficult, eye-opening' - Ella

'Eye-opening, life-changing and a rollercoaster' - Emma. W

'Scary, eye-opening and fun' - Lauren. D

'Challenging, enjoyable, happy' - Kate

'Rewarding, challenging, positive' - Emma. C

'Craziest year yet.' - Lauren. M

Summarise your year in three words, we'd love to see how your year went!

Thank you for sticking with us for another year, we appreciate all the kind comments we get from you and hope that 2016 will be an even better year for the blog! 

From all at Our Blog For All Things Lovely, Happy new year!

Sunday 6 December 2015

Festive Gingerbread!

There's nothing quite like walking through the front door to meet the smell of freshly baked gingerbread at this time of year, and baking gingerbread is fun for everyone! Get your Christmas playlist on loud and get baking!


  • 350g plain flour (and extra for rolling out)
  • 1tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 125g butter
  • 175g light brown soft sugar (I only had dark but it worked just as well!)
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbsp golden syrup
  1. Start by sifting together the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon and mix together.
  2. Add the butter (in smaller chunks to make it easier) and rub in (use the tips of your fingers to mix in the butter with the dry ingredients) until the mix looks like fine breadcrumbs.
  3. Stir in the sugar.
  4. In a separate bowl, lightly beat your egg and golden syrup together, or at least attempt to, we all know how golden syrup can be hard to mix in! Add this to the rest of the mixture and combine them to get your dough.
  5. Wrap this dough in clingfilm and put in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  6. In this 10 minutes, preheat your oven to 180 degrees and line your baking trays with greaseproof paper.
  7. Take your dough out of the fridge and onto a floured surface, roll it out. Use whatever shape cookie cutters you can find or go crazy and make freehand shapes and place on a baking tray (not too close together!). 
  8.  Bake these for 12-15 minutes (or until golden brown) whilst dancing around the kitchen to various christmas songs you know every word to;)
  9. Once the gingerbread has cooked, leave them to cool before decorating!

I hope you enjoyed this little baking post! Gingerbread is so easy and fun to bake and everyone enjoys it!

If you make any gingerbread don't forget to tweet me a photo or tag me in a photo on instagram (both @_emma__c), I'd love to see your  bakes!

Lots of love (and festive cheer!),
Emma xxx

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Christmas Inspiration!

As a very Christmas obsessed person, I've been browsing Christmas ideas on pinterest for months and pinning on a few different boards just dedicated to christmas!

So, for anyone wanting any Christmas inspiration, follow these boards, I'm still adding to them!


This board is for all things Christmassy - decorations, cute, cosy Christmas scenes!
Follow it here!

Christmas Baking: 

This board is for all things baking (festive style!) so you can wow everyone with an amazing Christmas spread!
Follow it here!

Christmas Gift Ideas:
This board is looking a little empty at the moment, but I'll be adding lots of gift ideas for those of you who don't know what to buy someone!
Follow it here!

I hope these help you get into the Christmas spirit and give you some ideas!

Lots of love,
Emma xxx

Thursday 19 November 2015

Friendship and Support

Having good friends, in my opinion, is a key aspect to a happy life. They are there to support you when things go wrong, smile with you when things are going write, and who you turn to with your problems.

I felt the need to write this blog post, because a lot of stuff has happened in my life recently (which I'm not going to go into detail) which has meant I have needed a lot of support from my friends, and where better to post it than here, as this blog has so many lovely 'authors' that i class as some of my closest friends. (Hello mad hatters)

Having being removed from school for health reasons, I don't get to see my friends every day, something that I'm struggling to cope with. I hate being at home on my own and having no interaction with anyone, quite frankly it sucks. Teenagers are supposed to be going out all the time hanging with their friends and having parents who say 'you never spend anytime at home' but my moms desperate for me to be able to go out, go shopping and see my friends  but i mentally cant bring myself to do it, i do try. This means i rely on having friends who make an effort to come and see me, and I'm so thankful i do. I have some lovely friends who message me everyday and see how I'm doing, and include me in things even if i say no each time, its nice to feel included. they could have easily left me and not bothered, but they haven't and I'm so grateful.

Having the right support network is vital when your trying to recover from something such as mental health,people don't realise how hard it is to socialise, I'm lucky enough to have friends who understand and invite me round or on a walk as they know i struggle in places with other people. I have Philippa who texts me everyday, calls and asks if she can come round (to which she comes with chocolate, top best friend right there)and face times me all the time. I make sure i tell her how much having her support means to me, because without her i don't know if i would be where i am.

Of course things like this make you realise the people who cant handle you at your lowest point- I'm not going into this- but although its hard that's okay. why have people around when your on a high, for them to disappear when you are on a low. 

What I'm tying to say is, look at your friends and whoever is there for you constantly, text them, thank them, tell them how much you appreciate their love, make them appreciate you.

Have happy thoughts, Ella

*this blog post is dedicated to Pip, Charlotte, Issy, Tilly, Hannah, Emma, and Molly.